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15 Low Maintenance Plants For Your Home

Posted by Monique Henry on Sep 30, 2016 7:30:00 AM


Indoor plants provide a beautiful and tranquil environment in one’s home. They have several health benefits such as improving air quality, acting as a fresh decor for your home, are a cheap and easy way to decorate your home, require minimal care and are safe for children and pets. Here are 15 low maintenance plants for your home that anyone can keep alive:

1. Aloe Vera

It enjoys sunlight and dry soil so frequent watering is not advised for the best growth results. The plant has long pointed leaves with gel on the inside that has medicinal purposes such as healing burns and cuts and is great for your skin. 



 2. Snake plant

The leaves of this plant grow vertically, they are usually tall and stiff with yellow edges which at times may appear to be white. Snake plants have air purifying qualities, and its beauty makes them a perfect addition to your living room or home office. This plant is perfect for the forgetful type, since it can survive neglect for weeks, which makes it impossible to kill.




 3. Peperomia 

Peperomia plants have shiny leaves with a compact form that enables them to occupy smaller spaces. They enjoy low lighting conditions and indoor temperatures, which make them an ideal decor to your kitchen table or any other table. Minimal watering is advised and the soil should be allowed to dry completely before watering again.


4. Pothos

The pothos plant has trailing stems and leafy vines that can grow up to 10 feet. Some people enjoy the challenge of getting this vine to grow long. They can survive an array of lighting conditions, but prefer low light areas. This type of plant can survive irregular watering, but is not very fond of drought. An interesting feature of pothos is that it has air-purifying qualities that strip and absorb toxins from materials such as carpets and drapes, which makes it an excellent plant to have in your home.




5. Ficus

These are plants that are most popular due to their resemblance to an actual tree with a single trunk and a spreading canopy of leaves. It has shiny leaves that add cheer to any room and braided stems for a topiary effect. These traits make it a good decor for a living room or home office. Ficus enjoy bright sunlight and dry soil, however, they should be watered when the top of the soil seems parched.




6. English Ivy

The vines of this plant trail down any furniture for a romantic, timeless elegance. Place the ivy in a pot for controlling growth in your home, then hang it in the kitchen or bathroom. These plants have air purifying facets that help with the filtering of household cleaning products and airborne fecal matters. They enjoy moist soil and cool temperatures. 




7. Peace Lily

Dark green leaves and beautiful white flowers, is a precise description of this plant, which makes them excellent for achieving tranquil and peace in your home. It prefers humidity and low lights, making it easier to grow in spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms. It tolerates moist soil and standard temperatures.



8. Bromeliad

 It is said that this plant and pineapples are cousins since they both are from the Bromeliaceae family. Like the pineapple, it produces 'pups' or side shoots and is prized for its thick foliage, which grows in a natural rosette with wide leaves that are sword shaped/scoop-like and grow around a central 'cup' that catches water. Bromeliad plants provide an exotic touch to the home because they bring a sense of the tropics and sun kissed climates that highlight interesting textures and colors. This plant is drought tolerant as it gets most of the moisture and food from its leaves, but it is vital that you keep the 'cup' it forms, filled with water.




9. Jade plant

 This plant boasts thick, lush, green leaves that retain water in them. It grows slowly, however, it has the potential to last from the birth of your child all the way to his high school graduation. The plant does not require too much water, but it must be watered often enough, especially when the top of the soil begins to dry. They require ordinary room temperature, however, they are lovers of the sun and should be kept on a window pane.




 10. Fiddle-leaf fig

This is an indoor tree that has large, dark green leaves that form the outline of a fiddle/violin and are a species of the ficus plant. Its dramatic leaves cluster at the top of a narrow trunk and fits perfectly in the living room between chairs or beside a couch. This plant enjoys bright, indirect light and should be watered when the top of the soil seemingly lacks moisture. 




 11. Kalanchoe

Thick leaves with clusters of tiny bell shaped flowers held aloft on stems, make Kalanchoes a good choice if you want more color in your home.  They welcome dry temperatures and climates as well as moist temperatures and climates as they need short, light winter-like periods for new buds to be formed. Water the soil of this plant deeply, then allow it to dry completely before watering again.




 12. Crown of thorns

The plant is a woody, multi-stemmed, water retaining shrub with dark green, tear-shaped leaves that appear randomly on each thorn covered branch. Crown of thorns add color to a room and is best kept on a window pane because it enjoys direct sunlight. It should be regularly watered, but excess water should be drained.


13. Dieffenbachia 

This plant is also known as “dumb canes” due to its milky sap, which is a mild irritant that should be kept from bare skin and when eaten it becomes poisonous and stops speech. It features pointed, broad leaves, in a variety of combinations of green and white, which provides a tropical-looking accent to your home's decor. A large, well grown Dieffenbachia can reach up to six feet tall with leaves measuring a foot or more, but this is rare when the plant is kept indoors. Medium to low lighting conditions is enjoyed by this plant and its soil should be kept moist, it should not be allowed to dry out.


14. Areca palm

This indoor palm is a great decorative choice if you desire a tropical climate finish, boasting its lush, graceful, feather-shaped fronds. This plant can grow up to about seven feet, but the size can be contained in a pot. The palm does well in indirect light and the soil should be kept dry, so water only it when the top of the soil feels dry. 



 15. Heart leaf

The heart leaf has large, heart shaped leaves, which emerge bronze but quickly turn green. It is a trailing plant that can trail up to four feet. It loves to make its way down shelves, but can be placed in a pot to be contained. It is tolerant of dry air, but prefers humidity and its soil should be kept lightly moist. It thrives in a range of lighting conditions, but prefers indirect light, which makes it a good addition to your home office or dining room.





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