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Ho Ho Home: 7 Tips To Host An Awesome Holiday Party!

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 6, 2018 2:26:46 PM / by Joanna Johnson

Every holiday season is a chance to host parties and gatherings with friends and family. The food, the drinks, the music, the association; it all makes hosting holiday parties the highlight of the year! Plus, if you host right, your house will be the resident party venue for years to come.

But, planning a whole evening of fun can be a little hectic and overwhelming, but with these tips, you can sail smoothly through your holiday shindig! 



  • Make A List Of Things You’ll Need.

This list is probably going to be a very long one, but it is absolutely necessary. Jotting down all the things you’ll need for the annual family games night, Christmas dinner, New Year’s party, or Boxing Day Fete goes a long way to make sure that your party is the talk of the town...for the right reasons.


  • A Long Guest List, But A Small Space? Maybe Not.

Let’s face it, we all want to invite everyone to our awesome party, but we also have to be realistic. The guest list can’t be longer than the square footage of your home. You want everyone to be comfortable while having fun right?

Here’s a tip: Strategise to see if you can host multiple small parties throughout the holidays, selecting different groups of people for each. OR, if your community has a large clubhouse or rec centre, find out how much it is to use it and host your large party there.


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  • For Smaller Gatherings, Keep The Food Simple.

Food is a must-have for any party. But, if you’re the one hosting a small party, you might not want to add to your plate (no pun intended) by whipping up an array of elaborate meals. Besides, if people are busy mingling and enjoying themselves, they won’t have much time for a large sit-down dinner that requires a knife and a fork.

Here’s our suggestion: Prepare simple finger foods like tea sandwiches, fruits, chips and dip and self-serve drinks. Just set up a small area for the food that will allow your guests to serve themselves easily, so you don’t have to worry about that. BUT IF YOU’RE HAVING A BIG BASH, THEN GO ALL OUT! #FoodIsLife!


  • Have Fun And Interactive Activities.

Make it entertaining! You can’t really deck the halls with boughs of holly or expect the season to be jolly if your party is boring. In fact, a boring holiday games night, dinner or Fiesta is not going to have any of your friends rushing back to deck your house with anything anytime soon.

So, make it fun! Set up games, movies or comfortable sitting areas that your guests are sure to enjoy. That will definitely add to the fa la la la la in the room. And if you’re not sure what games or movies to have, call up a few of the guests and get their ideas on activities you can do for the night. It will make them feel included and excite them for the upcoming fun. 


  • Music Is Everything! Create A Playlist That Keeps The Party Going.

Have a playlist ready to go at the start of the evening. Not only does music fill the lulls that may happen at various points of the night, but it also helps to create a fun atmosphere that keeps everyone’s energy going. Here’s our tip: Have hours of music on hand so that you don’t have to scramble to find songs halfway through the night. If you can’t think of what to play, there are plenty of holiday playlists online that will bring the vibes and keep it jolly at your holiday party. 



  • Inform Your Neighbours.

Now, we all know how rowdy a mean game of dominoes can get, or how loud it can be when Grandpa starts telling old stories. So, letting your neighbours know that you’ll be hosting this party would be considerate. Maybe apologise beforehand for any inconveniences it may cause, like excessive noise or a crowded parking lot.

An angry neighbour banging on your door in the middle of your party is really not the best way to spend a fun evening with your awesome friends and family members.



  • Clean-up: The Not-So-Fun After Party.

Post-clean-up is inevitable, and as the host, the job lands squarely on your shoulders. But, if you put a few measures in place beforehand, you can lessen the amount of work you have to do at the end of the night.

Here’s our tip: Use disposable plates, cups, forks, spoons and aluminium containers for food and drinks. Plus, set up garbage bags around your home so that there is less trash lying around at the end of the party. And if you can, get “doggy-bag” containers, so that leftovers can be easily taken along with your guests as they leave.


 Now that you have the basics grab your hosting hat and begin planning that exciting holiday party for your family and friends! Make it fun and make it memorable but most importantly, make it stress-free by applying these tips!

Happy Holiday Hosting From Us At WIHCON!  

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Joanna Johnson

Written by Joanna Johnson